Dancescape South Africa

Uplifting People Through Dance

Please help keep Dancescape South Africa alive

Dancescape South Africa continues to teach classes in the Township of Zolani every afternoon of the week during school term times. We currently employ 1 full time resident teacher, a trainee teacher who receives a stipend, a administrative and artistic director and an asistant. We need to pay office, studio rental, petrol, general maintenance costs and administrative fees, just to name a few of the many expenses to run our organization. Dancescape South Africa does not receive any regular government funding, but relies on the kind donations of independent donors, friends and other charitable donations. Your donation, whatever the size can make a difference, whether it’s R50 or R5000 or more and help to keep our organization do what it needs to do. 

How can you help us?

  • Make a financial donation by depositing funds into our ABSA bank account: 

ABSA Bank Account Name: Dancescape South Africa Branch code: 334513 Account Number: 4090224139 For International Deposits please us the following Swift Code: ABSA ZA JJ

  • Set up a monthly debit order
  • help us set up a crowd funding campaine. 
  • Let our dancers perform at your event at reasonable rates. 
  • Donate dance wear new or used. Shoes, leatards, skirts or costumes are always welcome
  • Buy our students food. They live in a community on the poverty line. 
  • Donate you time by helping us at one of our performances. The kids would love to meet you. 
  • Talk to a friend or somebody who has the resources to help us.
  • Just come and visit us to view one of our daily classes
  • If you are a dance teacher, make contact and lets talk about a guest teacher visit
  • If you have any other ideas please let us know

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance. Please make contact here.

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