Dancescape South Africa

Uplifting People Through Dance

Our Vision:

To take the kids off our historically disadvantaged townships streets and into dance classes, giving them something constructive to do which is good for mind, body and spirit.

Our Aim:

To facilitate dance classes and performances throughout the year whilst not only introducing all the benefits of being a student of the art of dance but also the prospect of a career in the performing arts.

Our Goal:

To develop well rounded and disciplined students and young adult who are better prepared to deal with the challenges of life. To nurture and develop those students who show potential to become professional dancers and to provide a path to further education in pursuit of their careers in the performing arts

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Welcome to Dancescape South Africa

Dancescape South Africa (DSA) is a Non-Profit organization (REF: 168-724 NP) established in 2016 by Fiona and Mitya Sargeant. We facilitate dance classes in historically disadvantaged townships which were formed by the apartheid government of the previous regime. The organizations was registered as an official NPO in March 2016. Prior to this, our founder, the late Fiona Sargeant, worked for many years as a dance teacher in poverty stricken communities. She provided a constructive activity for the kids to do after school and in doing so get them off the streets and away from social ills such as drugs and gangsterism. We strive to continue her work and in doing so to preserve the Fiona Sargeant legacy.

Above: The Late Fiona Sargeant teaching one of the youngest dancers in Zolani

Fiona discovered a wonderful source of talent which she nurtured and many of her pupils are now dancing professionally all over the world. We are dedicated to helping those who show a passion and aptitude to the craft of dance by seeking training beyond their schooling. We have over recent years made it possible for student to attend the Cape Academy of Performing Arts in Cape Town, which has produced many professional dancers. However, only a small percentage of our students will become professional dancers. Therefore, our main focus is to provide a safe environment for learners to attend daily dance classes and to benefit from all that dance has to offer.

Above: Some of the dancers in rehearsal preparing for the Montagu Youth Arts Festival

We currently facilitate dance classes in the Zolani township of Ashton every afternoon of the week. We teach over 50 kids ranging from 4 to 19 years old and employ full-time and trainee teachers. The project gets the kids off the streets away from drugs and violence. It stimulates both mind and body but above all gives the impoverished youth hope.

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Latest News:

Apiwe November and Chuma Mathiso have been given a full scholarship to attend the Lines Ballet Summer Dance Intensive of 2022 held in San Francisco over 3 week of this year. They are both working very hard and are now in there final week. Next Week Chuma is going to fly home but Aphiwe will stay for another three week course at the Manhatten Youth Ballet. It all very exciting and we wish our boys all the very best. . 


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