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Left: Johan Neethling manager of the BEE farm, Klipkuil donated the plums to make jam for the Zolani Bread Basket an Sandra Reichert, jam maker and our New Chairperson. View more about the Zolani Bread Basket

Middle and Right: Manie and Farouk Irving our new dance teachers. More about our new Teachers

Education Initiative presented by M.M Bingham

May is a retired educationist, who volunteers at an Early Childhood Development Programme in Montagu and in the Dancescapes Project, which is two-pronged and provides the groups not being taught ballet to:

    Learn some reading and thinking skills
    Be productively busy, while waiting for their ballet lesson and
    Practice basic social and communication skills.

Research shows that the curriculum for Grade 1, 2 and 3 is ill-suited to the majority of children starting school in South Africa (56% in the Western Cape in 2016), because they have not had the 200 – 300 hours of interacting with text and pictures, which the curriculum assumes.

The gap in reading grows larger post-Grade 3 through to University, where students are measured on their ability to read and interpret texts, and write these interpretations. If tertiary students cannot read and interpret information, they are unable to progress either at their post-school studies or in the workplace.

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