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Welcome to Dancescape South Africa draft

Welcome to Dancescape South Africa

Dancescape South Africa (DSA) is a Non-Profit organisation (REF: 168-724 NP) established in 2016 by Fiona and Mitya Sargeant. They are also a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO no: 930055804)

DSA facilitate dance classes in Zolani every afternoon of the week. They teach over 50 kids ranging from 4 to 19 years old and employ full-time and trainee teachers. The project gets the kids off the streets away from drugs and violence. It stimulates both mind and body and above all gives the impoverished youth hope.

Opportunities for further training in Cape Town at institutions such as the Cape Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA) have been provided. Many previous students are now working professionally in South Africa and abroad.


Dancescape South Africa's goal is  to continue the Fiona Sargeant Legacy which is to uplift rural disadvantaged youth through dance. Fiona started working with the disadvantaged youth in 2006 and many of her previous students are now working as professional dancers all over the world.

In 2016 Fiona was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away in September 2017. However her dream and legacy continues as the Dancescape South Africa team continues the project in the Zolani and Ashbury Townships. The organisation's survival depends on donations made by businesses and the general public.

As a Public Benefit Organisation  Dancescape South Africa  allows donors, who make financial donations to DSA, the opportunity to claim Tax Benefits. Business concerns and individuals who make donations will be eligible to claim deductions in their tax returns.

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