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Our Patron

Dancescape South Africa is proud to present to you our very first Patron. This DSA Patron is indeed special for at least 2 reasons. Firstly she started her dance training with our very own Fiona Sargeant back in the late 1990’s in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Fiona recognized her talent and passion in those days when she was just a nine year old girl. The second reason is that this Patron represents a success story for those wanting to pursue a career in the Dance. She depicts the journey from adversity to success. Surely this has an affinity with where we find ourselves in a rural disadvantaged township today.

Who is our Patron?

DSA would like you to meet Noluyanda Mqulwana

Noluyanda Mqulwana or Nolly as she is affectionately known, after starting her training with Fiona, as already mentioned, went to study at the Alexander Sinton School of the Arts. She joined the Dance For All Company in 2005 and then the Cinevox Junior Company in Switzerland in 2007.


Noluyanda’s career credits:

• Cape Town City Ballet Company
• InSpiration Dance Company
• Free Flight Dance Company
• La Rosa a Spanish Dance Company
• Jazzart Dance Theatre
• Buskaid Soweto String Ensemble performed in Royal Albert Hall &Cite de Musique (Paris)
• Dance For Life (Holland, Vancouver and British Columbia)
• The Lion King Musical (Singapore)
• FAIRPLAY FOUNDATION to establish with local organization and NGOs to start a School of Arts (Namibia 2012)
• De Konig de Lowen (Hamburg)
• Dreamgirls Benefit Show (2014)
• Spartacus Of Africa
• Dance Captain/Choreographer touring to New York, London and Tennessee with Mother Africa ‘Khayelitcha’ my home
• Joop van Ende Academy by Stage-Entertainment (Teacher in Hamburg)
• West Side Story (Salzburg)
• Dance Captain at the Expo Antalya Turkey 2016.
• Spartacus of Africa (new season 2016)
• 2017 Toured in New York, London and Tennessee in Dollywood with Mother Africa “Khayelitsha“ my home.


Noluyanda is about art and children, she strongly believes that through dance you can tell your life story, a story that words alone cannot always express. Children from all backgrounds can express themselves meaningfully through a healthy and valued communication in the universal language of dance. Noluyanda recently worked with the Dancecape dancers and is keen to be the inspiration for them to reach their dreams. Dancescape is thrilled that she is so willing to be their voice and ambassador. She takes us in her heart wherever she goes.


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